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It offers one tray for all steps of reprocessing which enhances time- and cost-efficiency.
Questions range from motivation to how often you keep your promises. Or "The Lover Style Profile Test" lets you gauge your sex style.

How to chat naughty and sexy

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If you are able to create a dirty and clear image of your actions in the minds of your lover, you are a successful ‘dirty texter’!

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You just need to make a conscious effort to spice things up and you could be rocking each other’s world once again.

[Read: 9 sneaky tips to get a guy to ask you out] 12 tips to text flirt with a guy The next time you pick your cell phone up to get flirty with a guy, keep these tips on how to flirt with a guy over text in mind and you’ll see how easy it can be to make a guy go crazy about you. When you tell a guy you remembered him, it’s a compliment and a huge boost in ego for him.

He’ll instantly feel warmer towards you and spend quite a while thinking about you too.

Personality-wise, I am pretty timid and scare easily, but once I try something and see that it's not so bad, I really start to get into it.

=^-^= I'm playful and silly and perky most of the time. I care a lot about other people's opinions and feelings and love to please others. ^-^ I have very positive self-esteem and body image.